32% of processed food is genetically modified


A study that tested 65 domestic and imported items also revealed that nearly half of the Foreign food tested positive.

Gone are the days when you knew where the food were eating was coming from, what with pretty much everything mass produced and packaged at distant locations, after a series of processes to ensure great shelf life. But with increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases, the average Indian has wisened up, and is trying to pay heed to what he/she should or should not eat. The worrisome part, though, is that while we read the nutrition information on packaged food to determine what could be good for us, what we often ignore or fail to understand is that we may be risking our lives owing to the fact that much of what we consume has been generally modified.

Though India has resisted GM food production, there have been instances of such food being imported into the country ( including corn, baby food, and breakfast cereal, which have been introduced without adherence to relevant labeling laws)