Relief for US Indian Techies – No change in H1-B


In a relief for Indian techies, US authorities on Tues aforesaid the Trump administration isn’t considering any proposal that may force H-1B visa holders to depart the country.
The announcement by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) came days once reports emerged that the Trump administration was considering alteration H-1B visa rules that would cause deportation of seven,50,000 Indians.
The reports had aforesaid it absolutely was mulling ending extensions for H-1B holders.
The USCIS “is not considering a restrictive modification might|that will} force H-1B visa holders to depart the us by dynamic interpretation of sure language in Section 104 C of the yankee aggressiveness within the twenty first Century Act (AC21) statute that states that USCIS may grant the extensions,” an officer aforesaid.
This provides for H-1B extensions on the far side the six-year limit.

“Even if it were, such a modification wouldn’t doubtless end in these H-1B visa holders having to depart the us as a result of employers might request extensions in annual increments below section 106(a)-(b) of AC21 instead,” Jonathan Withington, Chief of Media Relations at the USCIS, aforesaid during a statement.
“The agency is considering variety of policy and restrictive changes to hold out the President’s purchase yankee, rent yankee government Order, together with a radical review of employment-based visa programmes,” Withington aforesaid.

The statement comes once last week’s story by US-based press association McClatchy DC Bureau in step with that the US was considering new rules to forestall the extension of H-1B visas, the foremost asked for by Indian IT professionals.
The USCIS was ne’er considering such a change, he said, adding that “any suggestion that USCIS modified its position as a result of pressure is totally false”. The rumored move had been opposed by each the business and several other lawmakers.
The National Association of software system and Services corporations (NASSCOM), a trade association of Indian data technology, had warned that any unquiet go the visa front would be prejudicial for each Bharat and also the US.
The USCIS incorporates a legislature mandate to issue sixty five,000 H-1B visas normally class and another twenty,000 for those candidates having higher education–masters and above–from US universities within the field of science, technology, engineering and arithmetic.
The H-1B programme offers temporary visas that permit corporations to rent extremely arch foreign professionals operating in areas with shortages of qualified American employees.
Since taking workplace last Jan, the Trump administration has been talking regarding cracking down on the H- 1B visa theme.
During his election campaign, President Trump secure to extend oversight of our H-1B and L-1 visa programmes to forestall its abuse. PTI