Virat Kohli says “I do” in December…Anushka Says No.


“THE BIGGEST SHAADI OF THE YEAR”, “VIRAT KOHLI AND ANUSHKA SHARMA to mention ‘I DO’ IN DECEMBER”, the rumour mills area unit on AN overdrive, however sorry to burst the bubble, the marriage bells aren’t about to chime for the flamboyant cricket captain and therefore the spirited thespian simply nevertheless. On weekday evening, it absolutely was learnt in cricket circles that Captain Kohli had asked the BCCI for break day in Dec, to justify himself from the check Matches and at some point Internationals scheduled for the month. The 29-year-old-cricketer cited personal reasons – as presently because the news bust, the plain speculation being “it is due to the a lot of expected wedding.”

Virat and Anushka, WHO met four years agone while shooting a shampoo business, additionally recently asterisked in an exceedingly wedding-themed advert along. Their on-screen rapport apart, the adorable ‘vows’ changed between the 2 within the business brought a smile to the foremost misanthropical people once it involves tele romances. Yes, we have a tendency to all wanted the reel affair to be translated into real except for that we’d got to wait a minute.

When asked regarding the speculated Dec wedding, the talent agency that manages Anushka’s career, told NDTV: “These area unit simply rumours doing the rounds. No truth thereto.”

On the opposite hand, sports circles additionally confirmed that the Team Asian country Captain has asked for break day since it has been a busy calendar for him already. in an exceedingly recent interview to NDTV, Anushka had additionally denied any plans of a eating house business with Virat, saying: “The data was wrong.”

The couple are snapped on vacations along and different public platforms except for currently it looks that wedding isn’t on the cards simply nevertheless.