Hot Queen Laxmi in julie 2


Filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani unconcealed that future film Julie a pair of, that is given by him is galvanized by the lifetime of a preferred actor from the late Nineties however he told press association IANS that he will not reveal the name of the actor. “It’s positively supported the actor. In fact, one in every of the most actors World Health Organization could be a a part of our forged was conjointly involved that actor. we tend to don’t seem to be naming her as we do not need our film to be stopped. however once the film opens next Fri, it’ll be obvious to any or all that real-life actor Raai Laxmi is taking part in.” mister Nihalani told IANS.

The lead star of Julie a pair of, Raai Laxmi, added: “I am not denying the similarities between my character and therefore the actor. These similarities square measure there. i do not apprehend if they are deliberate or simply a coincidence.”

Talking concerning the actor, mister Nihalani told IANS that she started her career during a Hindi film, co-starring one in every of the Khan superstars and she or he shortly transitioned into southern cinema, wherever she became a actual star. Her affair with a married Tamil-Telugu wiz over her career in south and she or he moved to rule Bhojpuri films.

“It’s potential that the actor might acknowledge herself and are available forward. However, we’ve got created positive she isn’t mentioned anyplace in any of the press meets,” same mister Nihalani.

The release date of Julie a pair of has been rescheduled doubly – the last time it happened as a result of the producer of Julie sued mister Nihalani and team for violation.

Julie a pair of is currently emotional on November twenty four in conjunction with Kapil Sharma’s Firangi.