Free Hair cut for homeless people


Hitting the streets in a few… where should I go?? 🤔 Any suggestions? #Haircut4Homeless #TheMissionContinues @sorawapparel

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After associate degree 11-year career, Philadelphia-based barber Brennon Jones set to convey back to his community. while not premises of his own, Jones established look on sidewalks and street corners to supply free haircuts to the homeless. With a “daily mission of giving back and spreading love,” Jones completed as several as twenty haircuts on a daily basis, and even traveled to homeless hotspots like city, New Jersey.

One day in Gregorian calendar month 2017, a person named Sean Johnson approached Jones whereas he was out cutting hair and asked him what he planned to try to to throughout winter. Jones replied that he would most likely ought to place Haircuts For Homeless (HC4H) on hold. a couple of months later Jones received a decision from Johnson asking him to satisfy at his fresh refurbished shop. He tossed him the keys and aforesaid, “If you prefer it, it’s yours.” swamped and fully blown away by the stranger’s kindness, Jones named his fresh opened look development Perfection.

Believing that “the greatest joy in life is having the ability to serve others,” Jones can still host haircuts for the homeless throughout weekly “Makeover Mondays” wherever shoppers also can get pleasure from a free meal. “To United States of America it’s simply a hair cut, however to them it’s such a lot additional. It’s a way of self worth,” says Jones.

Using my craft to touch lives… Priceless! #Haircut4Homeless #ChangeAgent

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You can support Jones’ admirable mission by donating via Paypal.