What is Exotic Beauty


If I say, exotic beauty, WHO is that the person you picture? i will be honest and say it is the Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima. Dark flowing hair, full lips, tanned skin, and funky bluish-green eyes. a glance that’s exotic, supernatural. that is exactly the matter.

According to lexicon.com, exotic is outlined as “strikingly uncommon or strange in result or look.” And this can be wherever the difficulty arises in keeping with racial microaggressions researchers. Sue and colleagues (2007a) describe racial microaggressions as:

“Simply expressed, microaggressions area unit transient, everyday exchanges that send defamatory messages to individuals of color as a result of they belong to a racial minority cluster. These exchanges area unit therefore pervasive and automatic in daily interactions that they’re usually pink-slipped and glossed over as being innocuous,” (p. 72).

Sue and colleagues (2007b) realize many common themes concerning types of racial microaggressions. One example is inscription of intelligence. A theoretic offense would come with asking Associate in Nursing Asian person for facilitate with maths. Another theme is colorblindness, and would come with the assumption that America may be a melting pot; the matter with this supposition is that a human distinctive cultural experiences area unit denied, with the idea that they’re going to defy the dominant culture.

One theme explores the thought that minorities area unit inferior voters and would be incontestible by a private interpretation an individual of color as a service employee. One may additionally implicate there’s one dominant communication vogue, Associate in Nursingd consequently raise an African yank why they’re therefore animated once speaking, or Associate in Nursing Asian yank why they’re therefore quiet. there’s after all one in all the foremost common microaggressions: denial of individual racism. as an example, it might be reminiscent of Maine stating, “I’m not racist toward Mexicans. i am friends with 2 of them.”

How will this relate to Adriana? career her exotic assumes she is basically Associate in Nursing alternative and somehow completely different, tho’ the connotation isn’t notably positive. whereas several intend it as a compliment, after you extremely break it down, Associate in Nursing exotic beauty isn’t a similar as a real beauty. Therefore, it’s ultimately a discriminatory sentiment.