Intimate Moments Of Couples Madly In Love & The Results Are Stunningly Beautiful


In a world of flings, one (or half?)-night stands, Netflix and Chill and open relationships, there exists love that’s pure, raw and unabashedly real. Love that’s in tiny, mundane, everyday things, love that’s thus explosive, it’s hardly containable, and love that lies in on the face of it very little gestures.

A Bucharest-based artist, Natalia Mindru, desires to prove that such love stories do exist. So, she travels round the world to capture portraits of couples at their homes, sharing these terribly intimate moments. Her current series titled ‘Urban Love Stories’ options several couples, from France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, UK, Italy and Portugal, sharing that raw, emotional moment and also the pictures ar thus beautiful, they’ll cause you to giddy!

In a post on Bored Panda, she said, “This is my lyric poem to taken kisses, unbroken secrets, and unspoken words shared between lovers in an exceedingly metropolis that seldom stands still enough to note. I’ve continually felt like love and tenderness were very necessary to Pine Tree State.” She desires individuals to “believe infatuated, be romantic, be dreamy, fall infatuated and need to specific their love.” And, that’s precisely what her photos can do to you.
Check them out.