Mangoes can help your Skin, hair and weight in summer


Summer is hear fully swing and it’s mango season nonetheless again! Mangoes are not dubbed the ‘King of fruits’ for nothing. except for the actual fact that it’s one among the yummiest fruits to feast on during this hot season, it’s conjointly loaded with vitamins, minerals and opposing oxidants, all of that ar sensible for the skin. Mangoes are high in fiber however low in calories and atomic number 11. it’s conjointly wealthy in anti ophthalmic factor and has sensible amounts of vitamins B and C likewise as atomic number 19, metal and Iron.

According to Dr. Apratim Goel (Celebrity expert and optical device surgeon), mangoes have many super helpful nutrients that are glorious for your skin. In Associate in Nursing interview with Pink villa, she shared the key with US and that we could not be happier to share it with you!

Take a glance at eight advantages that mangoes have, except for being simply an agreeable fruit…

Fights disease of the skin

Beta carotenes in mangoes convert to anti-ophthalmic factor and includes a dramatic impact on disease of the skin.

Fairer skin

Beta carotene’s in mangoes have a robust opposing aging impact. additionally,the water-soluble vitamin in mangoes helps lay down albuminoid. Mangoes are an excellent thanks to cut back dark spots, disease of the skin scars and pigmentation.


Mango pulp once applied on the skin together with glycerol or honey, helps in exfoliation of dead skin layers and thence helps accomplish sleek supple glowing skin.

Skin Peeling

We ar all awake to chemical peels and also the advantages on the skin. Raw mango pulp is high in AHA ( alpha radical acid) and water-soluble vitamin , each of that ar glorious skin peeling agents. alimentation is that the greatest vitamin friend to an honest skin and its deficiency will cause uninteresting skin, open pores likewise as eruptions on the arms, elbows and knees ( skin disease pilaris).

Fights cancer

because of its richness in opposing oxidants, mangoes ar known to stop carcinoma, prostrate cancer, carcinoma and even blood cancer.

Fights avoirdupois

Most people believe that mangoes ar terribly finished. However, the lesser known truth is that prime content of fibre and conjointly water-soluble vitamin, helps break down lipoproteins in body, will increase rate and helps regularize viscus movements. thence it conjointly prevents the probabilities of polygenic disease and strokes.

Hair advantages

The seed of the mango once unbroken in oil ( any) for few days, helps fight hair loss and gray hair. once mixed with fenugreek and yogurt, it’s a superb home remedy for dandruff.

Happy internal secretion
Mangoes contain lots of tryptophane that helps within the formation of the “happiness-hormone” – 5-hydroxytryptamine. it’s so known as a contented fruit!