Happiest Countries in world- 122 rank for India


India hierarchic a lowly 122 on a listing of the world’s happiest countries, dropping four slots from last year and coming back behind China, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Nepal. Scandinavian nation ranks because the happiest country within the world, according to The World Happiness Report 2017, which ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels. Norway jumped three spots from last year, displacing Denmark, which had held the top spot for three out of the past four years.
India comes in on the 122nd spot, down from 118 in the 2013-2015 report, which maps happiness on the parameters of GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perceptions of corruption.

Nations such as China (79), Pakistan (80), Nepal (99), Bangladesh (110), Iraq (117) and Sri Lanka (120) fared better than India on the ranking.
The report was released here today at an event celebrating International Day of Happiness. It is the fifth report to come out since 2012.
“The World Happiness Report continues to draw global attention around the need to create sound policy for what matters most to people — their well-being,” said Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network that produced the report.
“As demonstrated by many countries, this report gives evidence that happiness is a result of creating strong social foundations. It’s time to build social trust and healthy lives, not guns or walls. Let’s hold our leaders to this fact,” he said.
Rounding out the rest of the top ten in order were Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. The US ranked 14th, dropping down one spot from last year, the report said.
Despite recent declines in oil prices, oil-rich Norway still moved into the top spot, illustrating once more that high happiness depends on much more than income, it said.
This year the report gives special attention to the social foundations of happiness, including happiness at workplace.
“People tend to spend the majority of their lives working, so it is important to understand the role that employment and unemployment play in shaping happiness,” same faculty member Jan-Emmanuel Delaware Neve of the University of Oxford.
He same analysis reveals that happiness differs significantly across employment standing, job type, and business sectors.
“People in well paid roles area unit happier, however cash is merely one prognostic live of happiness. Work-life balance, job selection and also the level of autonomy area unit different important drivers,” Delaware Neve same.
The report conjointly highlights the non-public factors moving happiness, voice communication “in made countries the largest single reason behind misery is mental disease.”
The World Happiness Report 2017 appearance at trends within the information recording however extremelyfolks judge their lives on a scale running from zero to ten. The rankings, that area unit supported surveys in one hundred fifty five countries covering the 3 years 2014-2016, reveal a mean score of five.3 (out of 10)

Source : IANS