Cave Temple – Kedareshwar – Ahmedabad


Kedareshwar Cave Temple is found at Harishchandragad, a hill fort in Ahmednagar district. The fort could be a standard trekking location. Kedareshwar Cave Temple is far totally different from different temples. it’s set during a cave and additionally presence of water all year spherical makes the temple one in every of the distinctive temples not simply in geographic region however in India moreover.
A Shiva Linga of concerning 5 feet is set at the center of the cave. One should plow through waist deep and ice cold water to succeed in the Shiva Linga. tho’ there have been four pillars close the Linga, currently there’s just one pillar intact. Some believe the pillars to be symbols of yuga or time, namely, Satya, Tretha, Dwapara and also the Kali Yuga. the current pillar is claimed to symbolise the last and final yuga, that is that the gift one, the Kali Yug. therefore a belief exists that once this last and remaining pillar breaks off, the planet can come back to associate degree finish. The walls of the cave square measure replete with sculptures and carvings.
Kedareshwar Cave Temple could be a must-visit for its distinctive engineered and also the beliefs close it. Trekkers can also fancy a visit to the temple during a fort.