India Rural Digital Initiative – Satya Nadella Micorosoft CEO Discusses With IT Minister


Microsoft chief officer Satya Nadella on Tuesday met IT Minister Shankar Prasad and mentioned the company’s rural digital initiatives.

“Microsoft is doing smart add Bharat. particularly, we’ve got appreciated their initiative for digital inclusion in village, the Harisal run in geographical region wherever they brought in technology and property for digital health and digital education…,” adult male Prasad aforementioned once the 30-minute meeting.

“This are some things i’m considering for replication in our larger vision for Digi Gaon initiative,” he added.

Mr.Prasad aforementioned that different problems mentioned enclosed “LinkedIn involvement in skilling professionals to be exposed to smart job opportunities”.

The issue of H-1B visas didn’t figure at the meeting with the India-born corporate executive of Microsoft, he said.

The minister aforementioned adult male Nadella painted a strong statement of “extraordinary contribution of India’s talent” and accomplishments.