BHIM App Launched On iOS Platform


Indian government digital payments app BHIM has developed for fast and secure cashless transcations, was launched for Iphone users on iOS platform.

“The much awaited #BHIM for iOS is now available on the AppStore. Apple users, download #BHIM now! #ItPaystoBHIM,” Niti Aayog today said in a tweet.

BHIM(Bharat Interfrace for Money) was launched on December 30th on Android platform. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the app for fast and secure cashless transactions using mobile phones.

​BHIM is a platform designed to make payment through UPI and USSD modes simpler.

BHIM app has crossed 1 crore mark downloads said by IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

BHIM app downloads has shotup in a matter of few days “app shows how india ischanging” regards to adoption of digital payments and cashless transactions, Minister has pointed out.

Digital payment channels like mobile wallets, USSD and RuPay have seen massive uptake and rise in transactions post demonetisation.

As per the government numbers, total  transactions on USSD (mobile short code message used mainly for banking services on feature phone) saw a whopping 5,135 per cent jump, from 97 such deals a day on November 8 to 5,078 on December 25.

​UPI transactions — which allows users to transfer funds from one bank account to another using a smartphone – grew 1,342 per cent, from 3,721 such transactions a day on November 8 to 53,648 on December 25.