Ten ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally


Increase your happiness and well being with these top de-stressing tips.

Circuit breaker

Take a Break . Try to get your mind off the problem, it’s not going anywhere, but you can. Take the dog for a mini walk or walk alone in the park. Revisit your funniest emails/watch comedy shows. Listen to your favourite song. Make your self a cup of herbal tea.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that increases adrenaline in the body, the very hormone you are looking to reduce. Avoid coffee (decaf is OK), colas, guarana, chocolate, and more than 2 cups of tea daily.

Eat small meals often

Maintaining steady blood sugar levels is key to stabilizing mood. Ensure you have a small meal every 2-3 hours that contains protein. For example, a hard-boiled egg and lettuce, 10-12 almonds, a small can of tuna and brown rice.

Herbs for stress

Herbs that calm include passionflower, St. John’s wort, kava, oats, damiana, chamomile. Those that reduce the effects of stress on the body include Licorice, Siberian ginseng, rhodiola and withania.


The more anxious you become, breathing becomes shallower and higher in the chest. Consciously lengthen your breath, breathing deeper into the belly. Count to three on the in-breath, and four on the out-breath.

Talk to yourself

Affirmations are positive, self-affirming messages to self. In the case of anxiety, calming and positive is required. Try “All will be well”, or “I always cope, just breathe and relax”.

Tell someone who cares

Phone your mum or a friend. Acknowledging you are finding a situation stressful, and being heard and understood by someone who cares for you, even if they can’t physically help, will reduce stress levels.


The sense of smell bypasses the cognitive brain (the bit that does the worrying). Light some incense e.g. nag champa or sandalwood. Burn some aromatherapy oils such as lavender or rose. Or just wear your favourite perfume or cologne.


In the moment you feel totally overwhelmed, gently place both palms side by side on your face, fingers gently resting on your closed eyelids. This cocoons and quietens the mind, until you feel more centred and ready to face the world again.

Seek help

If anxiety and stress has become a significant part your life, seek help from a psychologist or counselor, stress is their specialty. You don’t have to do this on your own. It is not a sign of weakness to seek help.